It’s Studio’s birthday!

On July 22, 2022, took place the team party celebrating the 4 years of STUDIO. Four years of life full of creativity, originality, and great pride in all the projects accomplished.

The year 2022 was marked by the official beginning of hybrid work.

Therefore, it is moments like this, of team celebration, that allow the teams to come together and build interpersonal relationships.

It is also during these moments that the elements living further away from the office get to know their colleagues better. As well as the spirit of the MD3 team.

The summer day invited the whole company to leave their homes or the office early to sing Happy Birthday at Parque das Merendas da Barosa. This is a park very close to the office’s location.

The cake was wonderful, the French champagne, sponsored by the CEO, Philippe Mendes, was very cool… but the highlight of the afternoon was playing marbles!

It felt good to dust off the marbles kept in the 90s and use the slang of the game: barrocas, olho de boi, olho de lua, jogo do mata, among many others!

To finish with a bang, many congratulations to MD3’s design, web, marketing, and communication department. It was a beautiful year, full of accomplishments!