Black Friday is a great opportunity to close out your company’s year in a big way, so now is the time to put your digital campaigns into action.

Have you already planned your campaigns for Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the most important dates for Portuguese online commerce.

Many companies and commercial establishments choose to extend the dates to promote Black Week or Black Weekend which culminates with another day conducive to shopping – Cyber Monday.

Last year, the Portuguese spent more on Black Friday and bought more online, and 2021 will be no different!

This year, almost nine out of ten Portuguese plan to shop during Black Friday and spend an average of 327 euros, or €5 more than last year. This is what a study conducted by Netsonda for Worten reveals, showing a significant increase in consumers who intend to do so both online and in physical stores (from 41% in 2020 to 56%).

In Jornal de Negócios (Diana do Mar, 26 de outubro de 2021)

With the date approaching, get ready to promote your business. In this article, we have compiled some strategies to get ahead of the competition.

Very Important: Are Black Friday campaigns good for your business?

Is your business about selling specific services or products?

Yes! The most common thing is to see B2C companies’ actions during Black Friday. This is the type of business whose actions are directed to the final consumer that moves the most money on Black Friday.

And in the case of B2B businesses?

It is also possible to sell to other businesses by offering discounts or upgrading services.

Black Friday campaigns can be an opportunity to reactivate contacts that have given up on buying, as well as to accelerate deals that are stalled in the sales process.

And also to attract people who were already interested in the product and close the deal with a faster sales cycle than usual.

How to run good campaigns for Black Friday?

Explore sales channels

The most common channels are Facebook and Instagram or more advanced ones like Google Ads, Linkedin, or email marketing. Use channels where your potential leads are.

Prepare your website for online shop

It is common for websites to go down during Black Friday campaigns, as many businesses hire shared or capped server plans that end up being overloaded due to the high traffic.

To avoid problems it is important that you know the technical capacity of your platform. Talk to our support!

Have the site on HTTPS

Since 2017, Google has made it more clear that it doesn’t like insecure websites, advocating the adoption of HTTPS.

Therefore, when a website’s address starts with HTTPS and not the earlier HTTP, it means the page has the SSL/TLS certificate (which is responsible for validating the site and encrypting information that the user sends or receives from it. This makes the visitor more secure).

In Google Chrome, sites that have adopted the feature display a padlock at the beginning of the address bar.

Create a Sense of Urgency

In short, creating a sense of urgency is a well-known strategy for those who use digital marketing in product launches in order to encourage the audience to complete a purchase as soon as possible so as not to miss out on any exclusive benefits.

Be clear about the launch and end date of the campaign and promote it as a can’t-miss shopping break!

It is important to conduct intensive communication before Black Friday, making sure your customers know when your offers will start and end so the public can prepare in advance.

Extend the timeframe

With such positive results for those who sell at this time of year, it has become common practice to extend the duration of Black Friday to more than one day or weekend.

This can be a good strategy to bring even more sales to your company, but it is important to remember that even if your Black Friday is extended, it must end.

Analogously, the offers at that time must be something really out of the ordinary, and that only makes sense if your company returns to normal operation at some point.

Analyze the data from previous years and review and adjust the stock of products

The key is to use previous years’ history to predict future actions. Study consumer behavior in the last year, to take better advantage of the sales opportunity and reach the right persona, with greater precision.

Have a prepared SAC

It is common for people to have questions that are not in the description of the product on sale. Have an open channel so that customers or potential customers can clarify them, this conveys security in online shopping.