5th Place: ChatGPT & Github

9% of employees defined ChatGPT and Github as the collaborative tools they use to streamline their work on a daily basis.

The employees who chose these tools are programmers and use ChatGPT to expand their knowledge and skills. That is, they are essentially looking for new concepts, advanced programming techniques, and additional learning resources such as tutorials and online courses.

In turn, GIT is a Distributed Version Control System – or DVCS.

This control system has the function of recording any changes made to a piece of code, storing this information and allowing a programmer, if necessary, to roll back to previous versions of an application simply and quickly.

This type of system also greatly simplifies the process of sharing teamwork.

GitHub, famous among the community of programmers around the world, is a kind of social network for IT professionals whose underlying technology is GIT.

In other words, it is a totally online platform where you can create repositories and host projects, collaborate with open-source software, follow other programmers and interact with third-party code.

4th Place: Trello

12% of employees chose Trello as their tool of choice for managing their daily tasks and efficiency.

The main benefit of Trello is the ease of organizing tasks and creating a workflow around them. It is an online platform to support the management of all company initiatives, which uses task flow based on the Kaban methodology.

For example, in Trello, you can create boards for each of the projects and establish a dynamic of team actions. This is possible because the boards serve to monitor and update the progress of tasks, which can be shared by several employees. It also allows you to aggregate visual resources and links.

3rd Place: GitKraken

15% of the respondents reported using GitKraken. All those who chose this online tool are programmers.

GitKraken is one of the best GUI tools for Git. It is a tool that helps manage and control the Git repository of a team or individual, making the process much easier and more accessible.

One of the main advantages of GitKraken is that it makes Git very easy to use by offering a very intuitive interface, with graphics and visual controls that help you easily visualize the working process. In addition, the tool offers a collaborative environment for teams, making the development process even more efficient.

2nd Place: Jira Software

21% of employees use Jira from Atlassian to manage their projects and tasks.

Jira Software can bring numerous benefits to businesses, among them are optimization of working time, organization and order of tasks, greater transparency in projects, effective and intuitive project management, as well as optimized documentation and complete reporting. With the use of Jira, teams are able to work directly and in an integrated manner, contributing directly to increased proactivity and decreased noise in communication that may exist between those involved in the project.

Jira is one of the online tools that also acts as a facilitator of communication with customers because, through its product evaluation features, customers can evaluate the deliveries made. Thus, it allows both parties to monitor the development of the projects.

MD3’s teams use Jira for task management. With Jira, it is possible to create tasks with information, delivery dates, and reminders so that all team members can work in a transparent and collaborative way. Jira also allows secondary tasks to be included so that work can be divided into larger or smaller elements, depending on the needs of the team and the project. Listed below are the main functions of Jira for teams working with task management:

  • Email Notifications
  • Item Hierarchy
  • Subtask creation and tracking
  • Change logs and task history
  • Customizable fields
  • Task linking/relationships
  • Project linking

1st Place: Google Workplace

43% say that the different apps in Google Workplace are essential online tools for communicating with teams. For example, all teams, whether it’s programming or design, start their day with the online meeting (the old Stand Up Meeting) where they discuss the tasks to be completed that day. This meeting is already scheduled at the same time every day on the calendar. Also, the company chat is organized into groups of conversations depending on the communication goal.

Familiar cloud-based apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and Meet allow all employees to interact, collaborate and be productive anywhere and on any device. This feature is essential for our work as we adopted the hybrid model after the pandemic and worked with international customers.

TOP 5 collaborative Tools used by md3 team

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