Entrepreneurs observe the market and look for innovative alternatives that will highlight their business, and Digital Marketing is the smartest and most insightful solution!

The set of marketing approaches that make up the strategy is beneficial to companies as the representativeness of the digital environment in business grows.

Social networks have changed the way companies can connect with their customers. If before they were forced to spend large sums to advertise in traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and, billboards, today the contact with the customer is more direct, customised and agile.

Consumers, when they want to buy something, rely on the Internet to help them make a decision. They search for information about the product or company, compare prices, consult other users’ opinions and accept recommendations

That’s where Digital Marketing comes in.

Using techniques and strategies such as Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing improves companies’ online presence to optimize results in a scalable manner.

It brings the target audience closer to the company by taking a “reverse route” to traditional advertising. Instead of going to your consumer, the approach creates reasons for them to come to your company.

This efficient relationship results in good sales rates since if the customer comes to your company it is because, at some point, he felt attracted by your product.

Characteristics of digital campaigns that make brands stand out in the market


From campaigns and actions of the companies, consumers can interact and give their opinion about the product, providing important feedback for the brands.
Moreover, interactivity allows for increased campaign results, since customers, with a few clicks, can indicate the product to friends, increasing engagement.


Another positive aspect of Digital Marketing is being able to talk to the right audience, without beating around the bush and without wasting time with those who have no interest in your product.
In addition to optimising campaign time, this helps to reduce spending, since companies no longer need to make high investments to reach all audiences.

New Approaches

So, like anything involving the innovation of technology, Digital Marketing allows brands to build new strategies and approaches to reach their audiences.
For example, video marketing increases conversion rates, and improves organic traffic; and influencer marketing (partnerships with digital influencers), helps reach the target audience and builds more trust in the brand.

Metrics tracking 

Complementing the previous point, a great advantage of Digital Marketing is being able to analise the results and build a true picture of the performance of the implemented strategies.

Power of Persuasion 

Convincing the customer to buy a product is a great challenge for companies. Imagine then that your business is in a saturated market, where the product is offered by many other brands, with different price ranges and bold promises.
Thus, it is correct to say that Inbound Marketing allows you to increase sales and the number of customers obtained by the brand, either through social networks, email campaigns, or blog content.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing works to make the cycle as short as possible. Because of the relevant and personalised content, the movement of leads through the sales funnel is faster, reducing the time it takes to lead a customer to purchase.

Shorter sales cycle

The sales cycle is the time a company spends to close a deal with its customer, which is counted from the first interaction to closing the sale.
To get here is necessary to consider all stages of the buying journey. This metric helps to understand the CAC (customer acquisition cost), since the longer the sales cycle, the more expensive it is for the company to acquire a customer.

Cost savings

Besides helping to lower CAC, it allows brands to optimize their investments to qualify leads and contact directly people who show interest in their products, which is enough for a cost reduction.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective drivers of Digital Marketing strategies is Email Marketing.

Lead base segmentation

In Digital Marketing we know that the personalisation of customer service and contact is essential. Therefore, the utilisation of CRMs and platforms, and the segmentation of leads conquered by companies is simple and fast, in an automated way.
The resources used by the programs identify information to trace the user’s profile that help to understand the consumption habits and to identify the stage of the sales funnel in which the lead is.
Segmentation is fundamental for the brand to make a sale. Moreover, people like to feel special. In Marketing, this means that customers want to feel that that campaign is tailor-made for them.

Call to Action 

With all the volume of emails received every day, the challenge is: how to stand out?

Creativity is the key.
The first step is to send a simple and direct message that is both relevant and leads the reader to perform the action the company expects. To do this, adding a call to action is key!

3 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small businesses

Digital Marketing techniques help companies attract their customers and understand their consumer profiles to create more efficient approaches.

Now that we understand the mechanics and points that highlight the strategy, let’s talk about the benefits of Digital Marketing for small businesses.

1. Facilitates sales and generates revenue

One of the great advantages of digital strategies is to qualify leads and pass the most efficient contacts for a more effective acquisition to the company’s sales department.
Furthermore, Inbound Marketing allows the integration of the sales and marketing teams of the companies, giving life to Smarketing: a junction of sales and marketing.
This makes professionals’ lives easier and guarantees more results and business for the brands. That is, joining the information collected by commercial specialists with attractive content that uses great notions of copywriting and storytelling helps to:

  1. Educate the lead
  2. Answer questions
  3. Solve problems

And that results in:

  1. Generating more SQL (Structured Query Language)
  2. Increasing conversion rates
  3. Feeding content to leads to keep them buying

2. Increases brand visibility and builds market confidence

Read the article Online Reputation VS Turnover.

3. Increases traffic to the companies’ website pages. 

As mentioned earlier, Inbound Marketing techniques attract people to your site who are interested in the content you offer. Thus, it generates relationships that lead to sales.

In other words, a company will only be able to make a sale if its website has one:

  1. CTA’s (Call to Action buttons)
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Rich content

Let’s start?

If your business is ready to fly higher, maybe it’s time to invest in Digital Marketing to improve your brand’s performance in the market. Let’s talk.