Google BERT is one of the biggest news of the search engine for 2020. This year we should already see new algorithms in certain searches.

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, or BERT for short, is one of Google’s new tools. The multi-company announced this novelty at the end of the last year and the basis of its operation is mainly the search algorithm.

And what will Google BERT do?

Google BERT will help to understand the searches we do daily on search engines using an algorithm more identical to human thinking.

The main goal is, among others, to reduce users’ search time, presenting more relevant content and excluding content that can be considered “fake news”.

First and foremost, only the English language will be tested in the Google BERT algorithm. Subsequently, the objective will be to extend this type of BERT research to other languages, including Portuguese. According to Padu Nayak (Google Fellow and Vice President, Search), responsible for the algorithm, by applying BERT models to rankings and featured snippets in Search will make it easier and faster to find useful information. In fact, when it comes to ranking the results, BERT will help Search to better understand 1 in 10 searches in the U.S. in the English language. Then it will be applied to more languages ​​and countries over time. See article.

And what are the main practical changes at Google BERT?

  • Response ranking;
  • Readings are designed for humans and not robots.

So what should I do to adapt to Google BERT?

Content creation is a very important factor in developing a good strategy for your website/news to be well-positioned on Google. And it has been working like this forever!

Regarding the new Google BERT, if you were already concerned with producing user-oriented content, whether to answer questions or to provide new solutions, then you won’t have much to worry about. This new algorithm is only concerned with real people (humans) and not with robots, that is, the system will understand what are the contents of real importance when doing research and not just because it corresponds to all the mandatory metrics of the SEO.

Even so, Google warns that it may be important for experts in digital marketing and SEO to prepare to monitor their websites, in more detail Landing Pages. If you are not aware of this measure your conversion rates could drop dramatically.

Google BERT Algorithm Example:

Example of Google BERT algorithm
Example of Google BERT algorithm

In this example, the search was “2019 brazil traveler to the US needs a visa”. One of the great improvements that come with Google BERT is related to the meaning of words. For example, searches with prepositions like “for” and “to”.

When discovering the real meaning, the understanding will be totally different and it is this precision that Google BERT intends to identify right in its search box. In this case, we want to know if a Brazilian who is traveling to the US needs a visa or not.

Firstly, Google suggested that the user should receive tips for those going from the US to Brazil and not the other way around. Google BERT filters the nuances, that is, it understands that the “to” has a much broader meaning than if it were “for”.

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