Creating a Google Business Profile and a Google Shopping profile is an effective way to attract new customers, taking advantage of search tools, Maps, and more.

What is Google Business Profile?

Launched in June 2014, the Google My Business service helps improve the visibility of businesses in your search engine and, as a result, attracts more traffic to your business.

This tool is interesting for businesses with a physical presence (e.g. restaurants) or that offer services that involve meeting customers. If your business is solely online, your Google Business Profile presence will not be beneficial, but Google offers you other tools such as Ads or Analytics.

Google Business Profile is a valuable tool that can help your company get more visibility and clicks by providing users with all the necessary information about your company.

Moreover, thanks to your profile, you can communicate in real-time your business activity and then help optimize your visibility and local SEO.

To take advantage of Google Business Profile you only need to register your business in Google Business Profile with all the necessary information: business name, phone number, address, hours, products and services, categories, etc…, don’t forget to indicate your website URL to increase the traffic of visits to your business website!

When searches related to your business are made on Google or Maps, Google Business will show your company.

The business listing on this search engine has a responsive design, so the information is optimized to be read on all available media (computers and mobile devices).

Importance of filling your page accurately

All the information Google asks you for (address, business hours, phone number, website…) is important because your customers will have immediate access to it.

With Google Business Profile, you can also share images on your profile.
In fact, a picture is worth 1000 words. You need to share attractive and good-quality pictures to make your potential customers curious.

For example, if you are a restaurant, share pictures of your menu, your space and also your dishes.

Another relevant information is customer reviews for referral purposes. Whether they are good or bad, it is important that your company responds quickly and respectfully, because your profile is your company’s shop window to the world. Don’t forget, the goal is to have as many positive reviews as possible so that Google puts you ahead of your competitors.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with your company can do so without much effort because the information is right there.

What are the benefits?

  1. It’s a free tool.
  2. It allows you to gain visibility on Google and Google Maps.
    Having a presence on Google is primordial for any business, Google being the number one search engine in the world.
  3. Keep customers informed.
    If your company undergoes changes, Google Business Profile gives you the opportunity to ensure consistency online. Your data can be changed directly from the browser.
  4. Improves natural referencing.
    Google Business Profile is the natural referencing specialist. Creating a profile on Google Business Profile allows you to position your business in the top Google results and get quality traffic.
  5. Get ratings from customers.
    This factor allows you to generate trust and credibility.
    Today, approximately 75% of consumers are motivated by the experience of other customers.
    Your customers can easily leave notes, reviews and pictures on your Google profile. Both satisfied and dissatisfied customers can share their experiences.
    Don’t wait for customers to find your Google Business Profile, share the URL of your listing directly on your networks to generate reviews.
  6. Obtain information about the company’s (potential) customers.
    In fact, you get access to your profile’s performance and statistics on how many people saw your profile, how many searches showed your company, calls made and clicks to your website made from your Company Profile, etc…

Another tool that is an advantage for your business in terms of sales is Google Shopping. For it is an excellent alternative to attract traffic and better leads to your business!

What is Google Shopping?

Launched in 2011, this tool improves the consumer experience, not only by comparing prices and analyzing products through search results, but also, because competitors had to greatly improve their features to attract public clicks.

Google Shopping is a virtual product showcase for stores that want to sell their products online. Products from Google Shopping appear in sponsored search results.

Google Shopping also has its own platform where potential customers can search for products by filtering by category, and brand, or also use the search field to do a more specific search.

Since April 2020 Google Shopping has been a free service. Before that, all ads on the platform were integrated into Ads campaigns, the search engine’s advertising system.

Thus, the platform becomes more competitive and gives more opportunities to small stores.

What are the advantages for businesses?

  1. Get More Visibility
    In fact, if a person searches for a product that your company sells, your product will show up.
  2. Get qualified traffic
    Potential customers who come to your site are more likely to make a purchase. Why? Simply because they have already searched with the intention of buying. Then, shopping allows you to show the user more information about the product in question. From the moment he clicks on the ad, the user, at the outset, really wants to buy.
  3. Get numbers on product performance
    The Mall provides detailed performance analysis reports for the products listed, which can help you improve your marketing strategy.
  4. AI tool that creates a virtual fitting room
    A tool that has not yet reached all parents but will allow them to improve the sales of clothing stores. More information to follow.

Google Shopping adds virtual fitting rooms

According to a Google survey, 68% of people who buy clothes online say they have difficulty knowing how the clothes will fit on their body beforehand, 59% feel dissatisfied with an item they bought online because it looked different than expected, and 42% of online shoppers don’t feel represented by model images.

It was with this in mind that it developed a tool with new Artificial Intelligence features for potential customers to try on clothes without having to leave home and improved the online shopping experience by making it more realistic and inclusive for the consumer.

The tool, Virtual Try-On, was initially launched with 40 female models of different sizes, body shapes, ages, skin tones, ethnicities and hair types. In this way, the user will be able to select the model that best represents him or her.

Google Shopping users in the United States have this feature already released for testing on the platform with just a few pieces of clothing for now.

By the end of the year, male models will also appear and other women’s and men’s clothing pieces will be available.

The tool will be free for buyers and sellers, with the main goal being to increase engagement (and thus sales) for Shopping users.

Google is developing new tools to streamline and simplify its products for both consumers and businesses by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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