New trends are launched or predicted every year in the various creative areas, such as fashion, decoration, architecture and, of course, in our business area – graphic design.

I made a small survey on graphic trends for 2023 that I consider more concise when compared to the diverse opinions found in articles on this topic.

In recent years, we have seen an increasingly marked path in the universe of visual communication: the use of minimalist visuals, the return of the 80’s vibe, and the approach of the flat graphic to three-dimensional.

Typography comes here to leap its irreverence and show that it is here to stay as the main character in graphic communications.

We can, therefore, summarize that the year 2023 will be a year in which digital style comes to be allied with creativity without limits!

01. Minimalism allied with Retro Design

We will see, more and more, the implementation of more simplistic graphic elements, very much in the design wave of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, with recourse to psychedelic and retro-futuristic elements.

The symbiosis between old and new with a more experimental look!

Basically, typography with a clean look remains an essential point for graphic design.

Tendências em design gráfico para 2323 - minimalismo
Image from It’s Nice That

02. Illustration and personification

The illustration will remain as an assistant graphic element to the compositions although, it will acquire more personification.

By this, I mean that, unlike what was used in previous years regarding the standardization of style, it is increasingly important to be inclusive and show that different is good.

Culture, gender and other human characteristics will be implemented in the designs.

For this purpose, the use of hand drawing will also have its place in the sun!

Tendências em design gráfico para 2323 - personificação
Image from MailChimp

03. The use of photography in branding

Photography is once again establishing itself as an indispensable resource in the graphic support of brands, therefore using photography with visual elements and shapes will have the power we need for our brand to have the strength it seeks.

04. Goodbye neon colours!

That’s right! Neon colours are leaving us, giving way to vibrant colours with rich and warmer pigmentation.

Unquestionably, in 2023, we will enter the era of retro style, one of the biggest graphic design trends of the year.

05. Hello, liquefied gradients! 👋

The use of gradients with a liquid look will be a trend this year. They will reveal a visual texture and may be utilized statically or animated.

06. Naturalistic elements

It will be widely applied natural botanical graphic elements with abstract shapes and patterns.

In short, this fluid style will be more prominent than other designs. In other words, we will find the perfect marriage of vintage botanical twist with fluidity and the addition of vibrant colours.

An example of this design typology is our work for the Municipality of Leiria, i. e. the design of an information booklet about the dangers of the hornet wasp (in Portuguese – Vespa velutina).

Tendências em design gráfico para 2323 - naturalismo
Work done for the Municipality of Leiria to raise awareness of Vespa velutina.
Here were applied natural, organic elements for the graphic composition.

07. Back to classic typography

The use of sans serif typefaces will be bigger, whether in brands or websites.

It is the opportunity to privilege legibility and minimalism through the geometry and rationality of typefaces that come from the classics of the Swiss school and Bauhaus. Or why not use the classics themselves? The Neue Hass Grotesk, the Univers, …

Tendências em design gráfico para 2323 - clássicos tipográficos
Image from Commercial Type

08. Playing with typography

The typographic manipulation of shapes, giving a graphic and prominent role, with the use of display types to perform this kind of play, and give organic attributes, will be one of the trends of 2023.

There will also be greater use of Flared Fonts, that is, typefaces with simple characteristics of the sans serif combined with the character and personality of the serif, with details of interest.

Image from Eye on Design

09. Logos of the future

The logo trend for 2023 will focus on simple, clean, futuristic aspects.

Sustainability, technology, and innovation are increasingly important in the present. Therefore, the information we receive is visually absorbed and highlighted by the market, which wants to see it mirrored in the new brands.

10. Data visualization

In 2023 we will see a paradigm shift in the form we demonstrate statistical data, graphs and reports, where modern fonts will give great prominence to data.

The reports, presentations or commercial proposals designs will be predominant to show information more visual and appealing. As a matter of fact, an example of this type of design is our work for 360 Learning.

Example of graphic elements, using other types of typographic highlights, making use of more dynamic information. Work performed for Mota-Engil – Report and Accounts 2022

11. 3D design in the 2D universe

The use of three-dimensional elements to combine with dimensional elements will be evident. The connection to the digital and diversified universe will continue the path it has been taking, and graphic creation will find here new tools to elevate creativity.

Example of three-dimensional elements with apartment elements, promising a dynamic and modern image. Example of the image created with MD3’s new graphic image concept.

12. Geometric shapes

In the universe of retro and minimalism, we could not do without simple geometric shapes to give a special touch to the design. This is an indispensable resource to the layout dynamics, but also seriousness and irreverence.

In summary, after this brief list of 12 elements, it’s important to mention the importance of design trends in the communication universe.

Designers, marketers or artists must engage with the world, with what surrounds them, what’s in use and why.

It is relevant to think about what may or may not work better in the project we are developing because the trends will be everywhere when we look for inspiration.

However, notice that these are only trends that serve as a basis and don’t always apply to the project at hand.

We should not always follow the trend. We should maintain the essence of the brand we work with, i.e. there is a crucial balance to be made here as a visual communication technician.

Using elements that bring modernization without destroying the soul of the project we have in hand is the main key to success.

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