The digital world is constantly evolving. New technologies and tools emerge every month, as do changes in consumer preferences.

We’ve already mentioned the trends for UI Design in 2024 in our Digital Magazine. Now we’re sharing with you the marketing trends for 2024.

The aim is to guide you in defining your strategies in terms of social media posts, brand communication, content creation, visibility, digital marketing and more.

Short videos 

Increasingly, we see video as the king of social media for corporate communication. While last year’s videos had to be at least 3 minutes long, in 2024 we’re betting on short videos.

These videos are revolutionizing the use of social networks.

People are looking for entertainment and information, something that videos offer practically. Compared to written content, videos are more easily consumed by the user and allow you to capture the attention of potential customers more quickly.

This type of content helps to grow organically more quickly, especially if it goes viral.

However, don’t forget to include honesty, humanity and information in your videos. The key here is that they are useful and dynamic!

Micro Influencers

We all know that there are partnerships between brands and marketing influencers, in which the latter promote the products or services of brands, and this trend isn’t going away. However, it has undergone some changes. Which ones?

Nowadays, companies are betting more on micro-influencers. Why is that?

After a series of controversies with influencers scamming their followers, potential customers have stopped consuming.

The latest example is that of Chiara Ferragni, one of Italy’s best-known influencers, who lost everything after being “caught” in a scandal.

Chiara Ferragni made a deal with the Balocco bakery to sell a special edition of pandoro cakes – a typical Christmas treat from Verona – for the 2022 festive season. The combination of this advertising and the increase in the price of the cakes led consumers to believe that the proceeds would go in part to a charity linked to the Regina Margherita Hospital, but this was not true – only a donation of 50,000 euros was made. The influencer’s reputation was so damaged that several brands ended their agreements with Chiara Ferragni, from Safilo to Coca-Cola.

However, consumers continue to identify with micro-influencers and trust them more. It should be understood that micro-influencers are influencers who have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers and that a smaller number of followers usually comes with other very relevant metrics, such as a higher engagement rate, a more segmented audience, more affordable contracts and greater credibility.

Even so, you have to choose the influencer depending on their niche. Does this influencer have followers who are part of your target audience? Do they share your company’s values?

Don’t forget that the micro-influencer will give their image to your brand and will be associated with the brand.

User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC began to appear in 2023 as a new marketing trend and continues to be present in digital marketing strategies for 2024.

UGC allows brands to make each customer an ambassador, encouraging the sharing of personal experiences with the brand’s products or services. The customer shares their opinion and gives future customers more confidence.

But what are the advantages of UGC?

  • Reinforces brand credibility and consumer confidence;
  • Gives the brand a human dimension;
  • Increases consumer involvement;
  • Improves SEO.

Podcasts appeared a few years ago and have been a format that users like because it’s easy to consume.

In this sense, investing in this format in 2024 is a great opportunity to increase your brand’s relevance and trust.

The fact that it’s just audio (sometimes accompanied by video) conveys trust and closeness to the listener.

It’s a growing format that can be very creative in improving your marketing strategy.

Personalization and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ChatGPT has evolved and other platforms based on generative AI have been launched throughout 2023, such as CharacterAI, Jasper, Midjourney, Canva Functionality, etc.

In 2024, AI will continue to be a trend.

It is important to be able to deliver a differentiated experience to consumers and with the use of Artificial Intelligence, it is already possible to personalize consumer experiences.

In other words, Artificial Intelligence helps companies in all sectors: sales, communication, design and much more. This help can contribute to brand and revenue growth.

Read also about how Google Shopping revolutionizes online sales with AI.

So what can we expect from AI this year?

  • Improved automation and autonomy: Systems will be able to perform complex tasks independently.
  • Generative and multimodal AI: We expect improvements in generative AI, including the processing and understanding of information in various modalities, such as images, sound and video.
  • Amplified personalization
  • AI regulation: AI affects different jobs and can have an impact on the content generated. Legislation does not usually keep pace with the development of new technologies, but in this case, regulations are expected to accelerate.

In conclusion, in 2024, marketing trends reflect a continuous search for user experience optimization, centred on users with UGC, AI and short videos.

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