MD3 wants to join the 100+ Media Outlets by DesignRush. Get to know our company and what we’ve been doing in the past 10 years.

It is with great honor that we propose to participate in this DesignRush listing.

Ten Years in the service

In 2022, MD3 celebrated its 10th anniversary.
Located in the center of Portugal, namely in Leiria, MD3 is an outsourcing company ready to help clients boost their businesses, making them grow in the digital world.

When it was created in 2012, the core business was software development, systems administration, and 24/7 technical support, 365 days a year, serving the leading company, Mediatree, based in Paris.

The turnover quickly grew, and so did the development team.

In order to respond to customer needs, MD3 included Design and later Marketing in its services.
Today, with offices in Portugal, we work with brands from all over the world, in more than 14 countries.

Our skills include the development of detailed wireframes, an interdisciplinary team, focus on user experience, complete and fully independent final product, quality assurance, and state-of-the-art technology.


Our multidisciplinary team uses the latest and most diverse technologies, such as Elastic, C++, Python, Django, Qumulo, AWS, Angular, Ionic, Symfony, MongoDB, WordPress, PHP, and Docker, among others.

Together we break the boundaries of technology to transform ordinary businesses into something extraordinary. 🚀



  • We focus on developing scalable platforms.
  • We use open technologies because we trust open solutions.
  • Always keep in mind that your platform must progress.

Develop something unique

  • As software publishers, we create customized solutions from scratch.
  • We focus on development to avoid
  • the use of monthly licenses.

Communication & Marketing

  • We work together on a marketing and communication plan.
  • We listen, study, and adjust your communication to make it more efficient.

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