A Glimpse into Web Summit Lisbon 2023

Web Summit Lisbon 2023 proved to be a captivating journey into the heart of artificial intelligence, where industry leaders, visionaries, and enthusiasts gathered to explore the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities. As I reflect on my experience at the summit, it becomes evident that while there were some remarkable moments, the event was not without its quirks.

The AI Buzz

This Web Summit was a melting pot of AI discussions, featuring captivating talks that delved into the potential, challenges and future of artificial intelligence. Notable speakers included Universal Quantum CEO Sebastian Weidt, who explored “The future of quantum computing.” Weidt’s insights prompted reflection on the societal impact and potential adaptations as quantum computing achieves widespread adoption. On a separate note, Signal President Meredith Whittaker offered thought-provoking perspectives in her talks, questioning whether AI is the real deal or just hype. She also delved into the significant concerns surrounding big tech’s influence on trust, privacy, and society at large. Together, these talks painted a panoramic view of the multifaceted AI landscape, showcasing the diverse and dynamic discussions that unfolded at the summit.

Investment Opportunities

One of the striking aspects of the summit was the palpable sense of opportunity for investment within the AI sector. Whether you are seeking investment for your own projects or looking to invest in burgeoning startups, Web Summit Lisbon 2023 was a breeding ground for potential collaborations. The convergence of minds from various corners of the tech industry created an atmosphere ripe for forging connections and exploring investment possibilities.

A Lack of Technical Depth

For the technically inclined, the summit might have left a bit to be desired. While the overarching theme was AI, there was a noticeable absence of deeply technical talks. For the average developer seeking a deep dive into the intricacies of AI algorithms or coding techniques, the summit may have fallen short. Nonetheless, the broad strokes painted by the speakers offered valuable insights into the industry’s direction.

The Line Simulator

A humorous observation that encapsulates the summit experience is the omnipresent lines. From entrance queues to those forming around popular talks, it felt like we were all participants in a line simulator. However, in hindsight, this might have been a genius move to encourage networking. Forced to stand side by side, attendees had ample opportunities to strike up conversations and forge connections in these unexpected networking spaces.

Night Events and Networking

As the sun set over Web Summit, a cyberpunk atmosphere enveloped the night events, adding an electrifying touch to the overall experience. The venues pulsated with dynamic lights, creating a different ambience each day. From music night parties to gaming events, the night scenes offered diverse and ever-changing landscapes.

Despite the occasional inconvenience of persistent lines, these night events became more than mere entertainment – they became informal backdrops for meaningful connections, enhancing the overall summit experience.


In conclusion, Web Summit Lisbon 2023 was a captivating journey into the heart of AI, where industry leaders and innovators converged to shape the future. While the lack of deeply technical talks left me wanting more, the overall atmosphere, investment opportunities, and networking made the experience worthwhile.

Engaging directly with major providers at big booths provided first-hand insights into future technologies. Yet, the real magic happened in small booths, where passionate innovators tackled similar challenges, emphasizing the collaborative spirit within the tech community.

It wasn’t just a showcase of grand ideas but also a snapshot of the tech ecosystem’s collective pursuit of progress. As I leave the summit, I carry not only the insights from prominent speakers but also the invaluable connections cultivated in the diverse landscape of booths. In the ever-evolving realm of AI, these shared experiences and collaborative efforts serve as crucial waypoints, guiding us toward the future of technology.