Online reputation: what does it mean exactly?

Online reputation refers to the reputation of a company, a brand, or a person on search engines, on social media, on digital platforms, and on forums. It is about the perception of the customer’s feeling towards a company, brand or person.

Who would buy a product from a brand with a bad reputation? No one would. 

In fact, Google reports that 70% of consumers will not buy from companies with four or more negative reviews in Google search results.

Online reputation is even more complex than real reputation because information travels much faster, is at everyone’s fingertips and can be replicated countless times over time. It doesn’t always involve having an online presence, because web users can talk about us even if we don’t have a website. 

Why do you need to have a good online reputation?

The opinions and appreciations of others have influence and the market offers numerous options. In other words, in the presence of negative comments about a company or brand, the potential customer will direct his attention towards a similar company that is active in the same area.

On the contrary, if the comments are positive and the general message of a company conveys trust, seriousness and customer-oriented attention, it will be easier for a new user to become a customer and for a customer to become a brand ambassador.

How your brand is perceived directly influences purchasing decisions and consumer behaviour towards it.

In addition, online reputation carries a lot of weight in the marketplace, as social relationships happen with the sharing of buying experiences and product reviews in real-time. It is worth noting that search engines also index various information published about your brand, such as Google My Business, a free tool from Google.

Therefore, taking care of a company’s online reputation is important, because brand image shapes consumer behaviour, impacts the reach of new audiences and new customers, and directly influences brand credibility and value.

MD3 STUDIO’s Google My Business Profile

What do you need to know to build your company’s online reputation?

We share with you 10 important facts about the importance of online reviews for building your company’s online reputation.

  1. Google is the most used review site
  2. Consumers want to be responded to
  3. Responding to reviews makes a real and measurable difference
  4. Responding improves rankings
  5. Negative reviews drive customers away
  6. Companies need to encourage online reviews
  7. Consumers are more critical in their choice of establishment
  8. Companies with less than 4 stars are ignored
  9. Negative reviews are also an opportunity
  10. Online reviews and Google My Business impact local SEO

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