Are you thinking about creating online marketing campaigns for Black Friday? Take the opportunity to increase your business sales with our tips.

Actions prepared in advance

1. Renew your Leads base and send information about Black Friday

Attract new leads and renew your database ahead of time.

Above all, create rich new content or update some old material.

Then, let your lead base and customers know that your company will be participating in Black Friday. People take advantage of the day to buy products they already wanted, but the thought was too expensive. However, many tend to forget about the date.

2. Create a specific Landing Page for Black Friday

A good strategy to put in place before starting your Black Friday campaigns is to create a regular Landing Page or a specific Sales Page type Landing Page to capture the contact of people interested in knowing what your company’s offers are.

The Landing Page warns that stock is limited and invites visitors to leave their email to receive insider information, for example, “Subscribe to our newsletter and enjoy Black Friday discounts on Thursday night.”

3. Choose the channels you will use and create a publishing schedule

Once you have defined your offers, it is time to start planning the means of dissemination.

Use the channels that work best with your audience. Social Networking? Email Marketing? Google Ads? Your Black Friday campaigns can be on multiple channels.

Make a publishing schedule, defining when each piece will be visible and how much time you need to produce each one.

Also start designing promotional images for social networks, retargeting banners, and CTAs for the website, among others.

Talk to our team of graphic designers for appealing campaigns.

4. Set a budget and plan your sponsored campaigns

Define how much the company intends to invest, what the expected ROI is, how much it will invest in each channel, and for how long. From the same point of view, it is also important to set aside part of the budget for unforeseen events.

There are many options, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube. It is interesting to advertise on more than one channel, but remember to define what your goal is on each one and if your target audience is there.

5. Define the metrics for your Black Friday actions

In marketing – especially in e-commerce – it is common to evaluate, among others, the number of visitors; the conversion rates of opportunities, leads, and sales; the customer acquisition cost (CAC); cart abandonment; and the average ticket.

In conclusion, by understanding the numbers related to your customer’s buying process, it is possible to know exactly what needs to be improved and to rethink punctual actions for optimization.

Actions for Black Friday campaigns left to the last minute

1. Run retargeting ads

Not everyone buys as soon as they see the ad for the first time! Take the opportunity to advertise your products again, reminding your website visitors of the offers available.

Remarket both to those who have visited a particular page of your website, and also to those who have put a product in their cart but have not completed the purchase.

2. Boost your offers

Take the opportunity to boost your offers with ads on Instagram and Facebook.

In other words, diversify your repertoire and use different ad formats, inserting them in the news feed, in the right sidebar of Facebook, and on Instagram, among others.

Avoid sponsored campaigns on the day of Black Friday! As many companies advertise on the date, competition is high and the cost per click (CPC) tends to be more expensive.

3. Create a Facebook event

Create a save-the-date style event on Facebook and post it for your followers to confirm their attendance. That way they will be notified when the offers begin.

4. Update the covers of your social network pages

5. Insert a Black Friday link in your site’s menu

The link should take visitors to a page containing all your offers.

6. Start making some deals with Black Friday pricing now

Some stores usually advance their Black Friday campaigns by starting a few days or weeks before the official date.

7. Give customers the option of placing products as Favorites

An action that can be very interesting for the customers of your online store is to give them the possibility to create a list of favorite products, which works as a kind of alert. As soon as the price of the product drops, the customer is notified by email.

8. Schedule your Email Marketing campaigns for the day of Black Friday

Produce your email texts and schedule them some time in advance. It is interesting to use strong and impactful colors, to match the event’s appeal.

Evaluate the most interesting time to launch the Black Friday campaign: it can be midnight, from Thursday to Friday; Thursday night; or early Friday morning.

Once the offers and content have been defined, prepare segmentation lists of people who have already shown interest in a certain product category, buying or visiting the site. Segmentations can also be defined based on products related to previous purchases.

These campaigns must be prepared in advance and, above all, tested. Also, make sure that the Email Marketing templates are responsive.

9. Place an exit pop-up on your site

Exit pop-ups are only triggered when the visitor takes the mouse outside the navigation area of the page. Thus, they are perfect for making an offer that you can’t refuse, and that won’t let the user leave empty-handed.

Offer a good discount for your visitor to click!

MD3 Studio’s Marketing team can help you in the process of optimizing your online campaigns. Talk to us to get a quote tailored to your team’s needs.

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