On 21 May 2024, the eve of the Leiria city holiday, the MD3 Studio team participated in a Team Building.

Motivation in the workplace is a factor that encourages employees to work hard, be persistent and strive to achieve their professional goals and targets. In other words, motivated teams generate more creative ideas and also make projects more efficient and effective.

As a result, we achieve our goal of having satisfied customers who will hire us again.

Leiriense – the name of a person from Leiria.

The importance of personal and professional well-being

We ended the working day with a two-month retrospective meeting. Each of STUDIO’s employees reflected on their individual and teamwork and how they feel about the projects they’re involved in.

It was a relaxed moment in which they put on the table what went well and what could be improved shortly.

The new trainees, including Fyona, a native of France, had the opportunity to participate in an activity crucial to project development and team motivation.

We give all the employees a voice individually and then discuss possible solutions to any issues they raise.

In Studio, more than understanding how the employee feels about the company, we also try to find out if everything is going well in their personal life. We believe that the well-being of individual employees leads to a good business environment, which in turn leads to better results.

Shock therapy

After all that reflection, in a more fun setting, we shared laughs, and some sweets and created memories together by riding the bumper cars of the Leiria Fair.

For those who don’t know Leiria well, May is the month to celebrate the city and its people. It’s also the month when the annual fair returns. The city is filled with entertainment, carousels, amusements for all ages and street food for the foodies.

So this fun moment allowed us to bond and highlight the team’s strengths and rounded off an important day for team morale, as well as being inclusive for new employees.

What’s more…

On the morning of the same day, to take pictures of the city for the photo gallery in the article “MD3 and the city that doesn’t exist – Leiria“, the STUDIO marketing team took Fyona to see the historic city centre.

This is undoubtedly an excellent way of integrating new employees and improving interpersonal relationships.

With regular Team Buildings, the MD3 Studio team can solve problems quickly and promote relationships within the team.

The hybrid system that many companies are adopting nowadays makes moments like this extremely necessary.

That’s why at Studio we’re completely motivated to welcome new projects! Find out more about our services and you could be the next one to work with us!