In this article, we analyze the trends for social networks, giving you a broad overview of the changes to come. Another aim of this article is to guide you through choosing the most suitable social networks for your business and what content you should create to improve your brand’s visibility and engagement. 

Find out more about the social networks for this year.

Social networks are emerging as the most dynamic communication channels of the digital age and are constantly evolving. This is why brands are expected to have a strong digital presence and ask themselves: Which social networks are worth betting on in 2024 to grow my business?

Last year was marked by numerous new developments on social media, such as: Twitter changing its name to X; Tiktok growing exponentially with its short videos; Instagram announcing “Threads”; and Meta now having a paid Meta certification.

Which social media content can we expect in 2024?

We’ve already mentioned here in our Digital Magazine what the marketing trends will be in 2024. Today, we’re sharing what social media consumers will find when they log into their profiles.

Meta / Facebook

As we enter 2024 and its 20th anniversary, Facebook continues to adapt and innovate to meet the expectations of its users. 

The adjustments made by Meta have already produced improvements in its performance in 2023 and, at the beginning of the year, Meta announced that it had passed the 2 billion daily users mark.

According to Meta’s leaders, some new features are on the way! 

Discover the main trends that will potentially shape this social network:

Messages for companies

Potential customers want to communicate with your company in the same way they communicate with their friends. In 2024, messages will be more accessible between people and companies.

Better performance thanks to Reels 

With over 200 billion reel plays per day on Instagram and Facebook, this format continues to turn attention into action. 

It is expected that companies will continue to create Reels in order to reach out to potential and loyal customers.

Artificial Intelligence 

It is expected that there will be greater integration of new technologies such as AI, to provide immersive and engaging experiences for users. In this sense, it will also help companies to create ads more quickly and effectively, and to create audience segmentation with Facebook and Instagram ads.

While it may still make sense for local businesses to use Facebook, it no longer does for a good number of companies, but why? 

Engagement is almost non-existent, as many pages can testify, unless you advertise.

In fact, Facebook doesn’t offer any advice beyond encouraging you to invest in Ads.


Instagram is a social network that still has a strong impact. The platform attracts a total of 4.25 billion visits per month and ranks as the 8th most visited website in the world, according to Semrush.

What Instagram trends will give you a good online presence?


This year, we expect this format to continue to evolve after significant growth in 2023. With one billion shares a day via direct messages, according to Meta, Reels are becoming an essential tool. 

What is the advantage of using this format for your brand? 

It’s a format where we can approach various topics in a creative way, from tutorials to company storytelling, giving you the opportunity to build an impactful brand identity.

Collaborative publications

This is a type of publication that allows up to 3 users to combine their talents in a publication, avoiding duplication on different profiles. Likes and comments are shared, offering a collective experience. 

Interactive Stories

This is the ideal format for those looking to gain visibility. What’s more, it’s dynamic and ephemeral content (it only lasts 24 hours), ideal for creating a unique connection with your target audience. 

It allows you to communicate in real time, in a much more authentic way, something that is also essential in 2024 for Instagram and all networks. 

Finally, Stories will continue to be improved with new features. Such as: the creation of story backgrounds by AI, new filters. Existing features such as the “Connection”, “Questions” and “Poll” stickers will also be upgraded.

Nowadays, it’s also possible to get a preview of the photos in the feed directly on Instagram!


We all know that LinkedIn is the most important social network for B2B. 

It is the best-known platform for job hunting, but it also serves to create a connection and business contact with potential clients.

You can use Linkedin to prospect for clients, attract talent and improve your employer branding.

In addition, the platform has various formats, such as videos, slideshows and e-books, which allow you to diversify your content compared to other networks.

However, in 2024, what trends are expected? 

Linkedin is expected to consolidate its position as the definitive platform for professional networking, with content more focused on storytelling and UGC. The focus will also be on communities, because they are a great way to build relationships and generate leads. 

Nowadays, you need to create relevant content if you want to succeed in digital marketing.


TikTok has become viral and consumable all over the world thanks to its short, entertaining video content. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a strong trend towards consuming shorter videos.

According to Tiktok, by 2024, “the TikTok community will awaken a transformative mindset fueled by curiosity, imagination, vulnerability and courage.” 

We share the new trends here:

  • Curiosity has peaked

People come to TikTok looking for more than just one “right answer”. All curiosities and interests reach their “peak” on TikTok.

  • Storytelling

Storytelling arouses the curiosity of users who keep their attention longer (about 1.4x longer). 

  • Eliminating the problem of trust

After seeing an ad on TikTok, users trust the brand 41% more and are 31% more likely to be loyal to the brand.


Pinterest is an image-focused platform where users can create “boards” on their profiles and/or save “pins”. It is a popular social network for finding inspiration for decorating projects, art, fashion, cooking and much more.

Some data about Pinterest:

  • It has more than 482 million users worldwide,
  • 77% of active users discover new products or brands on this social network,
  • 98% have tried something they found on Pinterest.

Over the years, Pinterest has developed new features for businesses, such as the business account and statistics tools. 

Here we share the new trends expected for 2024:

  • More brands will use this platform

In fact, Pinterest has fewer users than Facebook or Instagram, but it has huge potential for businesses, as we can see from the figures above.

  • E-commerce 

The social network has expanded its e-commerce capabilities in recent years, and this trend is set to intensify with the option to buy directly through Pinterest. 

  • Use of videos 

With video on the rise on various platforms, this type of content is expected to gain greater relevance on the platform.

It’s important for brands to share inspiring ideas and interact with users. In this way, new potential customers can discover your business and visit your website.



In conclusion, social media has the power to allow brands to be where their audience is, to speak the same language as consumers, to strengthen relationships and to provoke consumer desire, leading to purchase – all of which is the result of good work on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and other platforms.

For those who work in social media management, you know that you always have to be on top of things and aware of what’s new: there’s always a new resource, a new technology, a new strategy to exploit. That’s why professionals need to keep up to date with trends and anticipate changes.

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