In this article, we explore some of the most promising trends in UI Design that are shaping the design landscape during 2024.

Bio-inspired design

In 2024, the influence of nature on designers continues with bio-inspired design. Nature has long been a valuable source of inspiration for designers.

Biomimetic elements such as natural textures, organic patterns and fluid movements are incorporated into interfaces, giving a sense of harmony and connection with the natural world.

This trend adds an attractive aesthetic to interfaces, but also encourages the integration of design with the fundamental principles of nature, allowing for more immersive, natural, fluid and sustainable experiences.

Augmented Reality and 3D Interfaces

Augmented reality (AR) and 3D interfaces continue to transform the way we interact with digital interfaces.

By 2024, 3D interfaces are expected to offer impressive visual depth, enabling a more immersive experience.

In other words, AR expands the possibilities of interaction by superimposing virtual elements on the real world. A practical example of the usefulness of this type of interface can be found in online shopping, as we now have access to AR platforms where users can easily visualize products in their environments before making purchasing decisions.

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The expression “less is more” has never made as much sense as it does now. In fact, for some time now it has been important to make interfaces cleaner, showing only what is necessary.

But how? By using platforms with simpler visual elements and incorporating subtle interactivity and animations that enrich the user experience.

This is achieved by using a few images, clean and simple backgrounds and texts that display only the essentials.

Glass inspiration

Glass-inspired design is synonymous with transparency, but it’s important to understand that it also refers to the use of background blur and the use of watercolour.

As well as giving a softer effect, it also introduces minimalism into interfaces.

Dark Mode

The dark mode or theme is a colour scheme that uses text, icons and graphic elements of the user interface in light tones on a dark background. When we mention ‘dark’, we don’t just mean a black background. For example, a variety of dark colours can be applied.

Dark mode provides a good experience for the eyes, reducing the eye fatigue that occurs with prolonged use.

But will it have other advantages? Yes, of course.

  • It saves battery life on some devices;
  • It improves the readability of text;
  • It reduces screen brightness and minimizes the emission of blue lights.

What’s more, we all agree that a good dark theme gives the interface a more professional and aesthetic appearance.

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Voice and Gesture Interfaces

With the constant advances in voice recognition and gesture technology, voice and gesture-based interfaces will stand out in 2024. Users can now interact more naturally with devices, eliminating the need for physical touch.

For example, today in a Facetime or Messenger call, it’s possible to create effects such as hearts, rain, likes and fireworks.


  • Hearts: make a heart gesture with both hands;
  • Positive Like: use the thumbs-up gesture with one hand;
  • Negative Like: use the thumbs-down gesture with one hand.


In 2024, UI design trends reflect not only aesthetic advances but also an ongoing quest to optimize the user experience.

Bio-inspired design, 3D interfaces, minimalism, glass inspiration, dark mode and voice and gesture-based interfaces are changing the landscape of interactivity and the way we interact with technology.

As innovation continues, we can reflect on the new possibilities that interface design holds.