Companies started digitizing their internal processes, already a few years ago, however, it was the adaptation of the market to the pandemic in 2020, that digitization was massified.

We can state that online communication is relevant for all companies, regardless of the industry in which they operate, as it allows for greater visibility and consequently increased business volume and online reputation for companies.

There are several marketing strategies and tools, and right now, video is king! 

The use of short videos is the most impactful communication type.

Not all that glitters is gold.

Several brands use this communication strategy, but not everything that comes to the net is fish, so it is paramount that the process is well defined, the content stands out from the competition, and it is impactful.

Video is a very impactful tool that can convey messages and emotions, and is extremely promising for optimising persuasion.

In a few minutes or seconds, a video can sum up content that explains, informs, entertains, and educates the customer, allowing a deeper connection with the audience.

Video marketing can be used to build loyalty among existing customers and to gain potential customers.

Nowadays, videos can be short or long and in different formats:

  • Tutorials;
  • Interviews;
  • Questions & Answers;
  • Demonstrations of products/services;
  • Institutional;
  • Webinars…
Promotional video for ATLAS People Like Us, client MD3 STUDIO

5 advantages of using video to promote a company

There are numerous advantages of using video to make brands more popular in the marketplace by strengthening their online presence. 

Videos should be clear, objective, and diverse because the most important goal is to capture the audience’s attention in the very first seconds!

1. Generate engagement

Today, it is critical that companies create videos and post them on social media because they generate 10 times more engagement than other content. 
In fact, video has become the most consumed media content on the internet: 80% of internet users watch videos!

2. Increase visibility and improve online search engine positioning (SEO)

In an increasingly digital world, it is important for your company to gain visibility on the Internet. Today, search engines highlight video content on the first pages of results. 

There are several criteria that make Google rank your site first or not. For example, one of the most important is your site’s text optimisation strategy. However, Google also takes into account the time visitors spend on your site. If they stay a long time, Google considers your site interesting. This all allows the algorithm to place your brand in the first search results.

Video sparks interest and curiosity, making people captivated and stay longer on websites. Video is therefore essential for optimising your SEO.

Also, on social networks, we have noticed that people share videos more easily than photos.

Video causes a real snowball effect! It brings you more customers and visitors and allows you to create a community.

3. Increase traffic and conversions

Improved SEO indicates an increase in the number of visitors to your website and brand awareness among consumers. Consequently, increased online traffic can mean the achievement of higher conversion rates.

4. Gain the confidence of (potential) customers

For example, a company in the Manufacturing sector that shows its manufacturing methods, the behind-the-scenes of its day-to-day operations, and all those little details that customers don’t see, becomes trustworthy. Potential customers are also seduced by transparency and trustworthiness.

Thanks to video, proximity is created, a bond with your audience that cannot be created with a photo or a text. 

Your potential customers will have the impression of knowing you, even if virtually.

5. Increase sales

A video is a tool capable of influencing potential customers in their buying decision. Adopting a video marketing strategy is an increasingly affordable investment. In addition, this marketing tool will translate into an increased return on investment (ROI).

Find out how digital marketing can boost your business.

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How to use videos on social networks? In which social networks to publish your videos?

More and more social networks are investing in videos. Among different lengths and formats, we can create “short” content, such as stories, Reels, and IGTV on Instagram.
But we can also invest in longer content, such as web documentaries and interviews on Youtube and Facebook.

TikTok and Instagram, are two social networks that place importance on video


Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social network founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was later acquired by the American company Facebook Inc, now known as Meta Platforms.

There are several video formats that we will explain next:


It is the posting of a short video, directly on your Instagram feed.

Instagram Stories

Stories allow you to create closeness with your followers and show something that is happening at the moment or will happen soon, making things more human and real.  

Use stories to create a relationship with your audience, for example, ask questions, create polls, etc… and also share the link to your website.

However, this format is only available for 24h, but you always have the chance to create permanent stories on your profile.


As one of the latest innovations made available by Instagram, the “Reels” feature is the “little brother” of IGTV and the replacement for this format. Os reels permitem a partilha de conteúdo vídeo. They follow the concept and format of TikTok, taking advantage of the trend in terms of content consumption by the public.

We need to select a cover, a title, a description, and impactful hashtags for Instagram to give visibility to our content.

Unlike stories, Reels are available permanently.

Types of content: FAQ sessions, vlogs, tips, and tutorials…


TikTok is a short-form video hosting service owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. It hosts a variety of short-form user videos from genres such as pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dancing, and entertainment lasting from 15 seconds to three minutes.

The application allows you to record short videos, edit them with music, and then publish them to the world.

TikTok experienced growth in 2020, during the pandemic, and today we can find several brands on this network. Don’t forget to define your target audience and your goals to choose which will be the best social networks to promote your business, we can help!

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