Let’s get to it, shall we? Find out how you can use the changes that WordPress version 6.5.2 brings to improve your website.

Font Library

The new version of WordPress has a new Font Library. That’s right, we now have more control over the typography we want to use on our pages.

How? You can now easily install or uninstall local fonts or Google Fonts and choose which ones you want to activate or deactivate, regardless of the active theme.

With this new feature, devs and designers gain freedom when designing a website.

Block editor

The block editor has seen the most adjustments.

With WordPress 6.5.2 you can now rename your blocks in the list view. In the old versions, this was only possible for group blocks, but now we can do it for individual blocks.

In other words, this feature is an asset for longer pages or pages with different blocks.

Another new feature in the block editor has to do with design. Until now, the shadow effect was only supported for the “Button” block, but with version 6.5 it is also available for image and column blocks.

This effect will allow you to highlight elements and add depth to your website pages.

Interactive API

One of the new features of WordPress 6.5.2 is a new interactivity API that offers modernity and simplicity in adding interactivity to the front end of your WordPress websites.

With this new functionality, devs can implement dynamic pages, instant search, block interaction and more.

Finally, the most important factor of this update is that it allows you to reduce the use of JavaScript and still get an interactive and modern page.

Plugin compatibility improvements

Now let’s talk about plugins! WordPress 6.5.2 also brings new features to this field.

In other words, from now on, the devs can publish alerts about the need for a plugin at the top of a page.

Performance and accessibility improvements

In this version 6.5.2 we can see many performance updates that will improve the speed of website loading times, thanks to a new, lightweight library.

But that’s not all, there are also more than 65 accessibility improvements.

Such as corrections to contrast settings, element positioning and cursor focus.

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The new version of WordPress brings a significant update with features designed to improve the user experience, simplify work processes and give users greater creative control over websites.

With an easy-to-use font library, improvements to block editing and innovative features such as the interactivity API, this version makes it easier to create engaging and interactive websites.

This update also offers security and performance improvements, valuable for enhancing the website creation experience.

WordPress 6.5 continues to show what an excellent CMS it is, being a fundamental tool in the administration, creation and publication of any website.

Patrícia Pedrosa, Web developer
Web Developer - João e Patricia - MD3 STUDIO

The new version of WordPress brings significant improvements in Security. Performance, Compatibility and Bug Fixes. Such as:

Security: wordpress updates correct security flaws that can be exploited by hackers.

Performance: The new versions are optimised to be faster and more efficient.

New features: Updates bring new features and functionalities to the site.

Compatibility: The new versions guarantee compatibility with the latest plugins and themes.

Bug fixes: Updates fix bugs that can cause problems on your site.

João Santos, Web Developer

To summarise, updating WordPress is essential for keeping your site secure, improving its performance and keeping up to date with the latest features.

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Resumindo, atualizar o WordPress é essencial para manter o seu site seguro, para este melhorar a sua performance, bem como, para estar atualizado com as funcionalidades mais recentes.